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A look from my room’s window at Cleveland Clinic and into our beautiful City of Weston’s Real Estate Market 2021

Iwent from a very busy lifestyle as a top real estate professional, to several weeks locked-down in my home, to a patient at Cleveland Clinic. I have had time to reflect and write about how this pandemic has affected our lives forever. I am lucky to be writing when I know many were not as fortunate. I will share my experience and how I feel about the importance of a home and the need to choose the right space for your family.

Your home, Your space, Your temple is a lifestyle option!

Weston has always been a destination to move to. It has been regarded as one of the safest cities to live and work in, in America, since 2016. Since the pandemic started, homebuyers flock from cities in the north with a By Denice Landaeta, Dluxuss Real Estate Group new ability to do their jobs remotely from anywhere. Families looking for more space, pools, and office square feet have made our market stronger and busier than ever before. In Fact, I have closed over 70 remote transactions during the first 10 months of the pandemic.

Sellers have the advantage in Weston right now. Demand is high but supply is limited. Only a few new developments are available in Weston. They target the luxury market or senior housing rather than the most desired Weston homes: 2,500 to 3,500 sq ft.

There are also opportunities for buyers to benefit. For example, today’s low-interest rates will allow you to move to a bigger home, at the same, or similar monthly payment as your smaller current home. Our business partner Brian Frank from Guaranteed Rate can help.

Moving to a bigger home or a home with a pool or office space may be an option for 2021. Most importantly, buying a home with space and a payment that provides you the lifestyle and comfort that you and your family desire may be attainable in the current market.

This trying time has shown us what luxury really is: Luxury is having health, meeting with family and friends, luxury is hugs and kisses, and the privilege of loving and being alive. Luxury is laughing out loud with the people around you. This is the true meaning of a luxury lifestyle.

Denice Landaeta Dluxuss Real Estate Group Team Leader at Coldwell Banker 954-914-6339 Denice.Landaeta@dluxuss.com Illustration Miguel Tomas Martinez 14 years old


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