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    Video Promotion

    It’s no secret that video marketing presents incredible opportunities for your business. We take advantage of everything, growing your online presence and standing out on social media with awesome real estate videos that actually bring results.
    Video Promotion
    photo shooting

    Photo Shooting

    We make your spectacular photos for luxury listings that call for a photographer with advanced techniques, discerning approaches, and the greatest years of experience capturing the finest homes and architectural details.

    Drone Shooting

    We provide unsurpassed views while captivating buyers seeking not just a home, but a lifestyle. We create professional, high-quality video and photography using a camera that appears to float smoothly over your home, farm, industrial complex, resort or ranch.
    Drone Shooting

    Only The Best Service Gives You The Best Result

    We have our own marketing platform with six fundamental pillars. All of this has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our clients. Dluxuss seeks to break away from the established luxury molds and bring users closer to comfort throught effective strategies.


    Our website is visited by over 17,000 people from the luxury segment, also relying on other web pages specialized in the real estate market such as Coldwell Banker, realtor.com and others.

    Search & Display

    Browse through the best search engines and online databases such as Zilllow, Google and Yahoo, and also take advantage of the Google Display Network.

    Events & Public Relations (PR)

    Local and international RE events; networking, B2B and B2C event planning; dluxuss events with own database such as that of Romero Premium Networking, among others.

    Direct Marketing

    A premium database, among other useful resources including direct mail and e-mail blast campaigns and a monthly newsletter, help us reach clients in an effective way.

    Social Media

    See videos of amazing properties on our YouTube dluxuss channel. Social networks such as Instagram and LinkedIn help us connect with people from the luxury segment.


    The best specialized print media such as magazines, newspapers and out-of-door advertising, spread the word about our listed properties beyond common digital channels.

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